Bad Faith Avoidance

Sub Practices:

  • First and Third Party Extra-Contractual Claims
  • Pre-Suit Multiple Competing Claims
  • Civil Remedy Notice Compliance


The attorneys of Shelton | McKean are well versed in the unique challenges presented by Florida’s “Bad Faith” landscape.  The creative disruptions designed to “trip up” the insurance carrier and provide the aura of “bad faith” are too numerous in number to attempt to list with any accuracy.  However, the insurance carrier must be ever vigilant against such disruptions and its responses to same.  Shelton | McKean is here to help.  We have extensive experience in identifying techniques utilized by the Plaintiff’s bar and we work to combat them where possible.

Legal Guidance Customized for your Business Needs

The attorneys of Shelton | McKean will provide efficient, cost-effective service for any bad faith avoidance matter.  This includes creative approaches to extra-contractual claims, pre-suit multi-competing claims, demand compliance and Civil Remedy Notice compliance.  Contact us for more information.